I wish to extend my compliments to the wonderful Doctors and staff at your hospital. My husband recently came to your hospital where we were firstly helped by a very patient and efficient Salesh Sadanand who had to organise our authorisation. Then the Doctors and staff were amazing. Not to mention the rest of the staff, from the kitchen to the cleaners to the Front Door and security. I am sure there are lots of others we are not even aware of.
- Well done to an amazing hospital.
Email - July 2017

A big thank you to Dr Keegan Naidoo for the successful surgery on my right shoulder not forgetting the staff of the GATEWAY Hospital in Umhlanga for their exceptional care and services that they provided me with God Bless You
Facebook – July 2017

At Busamed Gateway Private Hospital we aim to give you the excellent care from excellent people. Sometimes a hospital’s story is best told by patients and their families who have been there. We are pleased to present testimonials by people who have used our facility
- Thank you doctor, we all sorted. Got fantastic medical assistance from everyone. World class unit.
SMS – 18 February 2016

What an amazing hospital! Doctors/ nurses/ staff. U are all brilliant people and 6 days after a Triple bypass, I'm picking him up to go home! A gift from God
Facebook – 12 February 2016

You have displayed the utmost patience, consideration, tolerance and devotion to our dad. You were kind and caring during the difficult days and you made our dad feel cared for.
We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It was an experience we will never forget for the rest of our lives. We hope that all the good you do comes back to you a thousand fold.
Letter – 16 January 2016

The service offered is excellent the environment even the cleaning staff. The sea view its breath taking.
Patient Survey - 25 January 2016

I came in to Trauma on the night of the 20th Dec with my brother-in-law who had been bitten by a dog. I just felt I needed to compliment all your staff in attendance that night. Although it was nothing too serious – more of an irritation for, the promptness, professionalism and way in which your Trauma Unit was run was most impressive. As an ex nurse myself I am very aware of good and poor standard of service in hospitals – of which many a time one is left very disappointed and disillusioned. From your Admin staff, to the paramedic doing his hours, nursing staff and to Dr Julius – every person we dealt with was compassionate, kind and most of all professional. Our entire family will certainly be sending anybody needing emergency treatment to your unit. Keep up the good work and I hope your numbers continue to grow as more people get to hear about your wonderful unit.
Email – 10 January 2016

If you have to go to hospital then go to GPH. Fantastic staff, beautiful design and an exceptional and caring cardiologist. What more could you wish for!
Facebook review – 02 January 2016

As a result of contracting pleurisy, pericarditis and atypical mycoplasma pneumonia, I’ve had three stints in your hospital since November and on each occasion I was in ward A. Throughout my hospitalization the staff of Ward A was without exception, immensely kind, helpful, cheerful and friendly and this made a huge difference, especially during the period when I was most ill and struggling to breathe or talk.
They always came immediately when I rang the bell and on the few occasions that I needed assistance going to the bathroom, they were always supportive. The catering staff were also very helpful and friendly.
Your hospital is rapidly gaining a reputation for excellent service and I am recommending it to friend and associates.
Email – 14 December 2016


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